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Fun Facts


Our Placer Co Ag representative has been on sabbatical in some countries where mandarins are grown then shipped to the US East coast. Apparently for it to be possible for the mandarins to survive three or five weeks in transit they are picked when they are more green than  ripe. Once harvested there are two steps to the process before packing for shipping. First the fruit is sprayed to prevent diseases. Next it is gassed so it will turn an orange color. When it arrives in the US it is essentially green fruit dressed in a pretty orange color. No wonder  some of our customers suggest we increase our price and sell them on  the East  Coast.


Here is a video that has nothing to do with mandarins but if you cook it may be worth your time to watch it.




The language in the video is in Chinese, so unless you happen to speak Chinese - just ignore it, or leave the sound off, and watch the easy and effective demonstration of separating an egg yolk from the white. It is nothing but a simple and straight forward application of hydraulics.This is so cool and so easy, I know you're going to try it out!  

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